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Zion Prospector Product Policy

The Zion Prospector handpicks their inventory. While striving to be known for the wonderful and unique minerals that come from Utah. In order to provide a wide and varied selection of products, the Zion Prospector will purchase some of the amazing minerals that come from round the world. So they can provide a well- rounded geological experience for their customers.


All of the Zion Prospector team members do the best that they can to perform friendly, honest and reliable service to the customers. While doing they’re best, some mistakes can be made and we acknowledge human error as a part of life and keep striving to give our customers a good experience when dealing with the retail or wholesale divisions of the company.


Some of our product is cut and polished at the home base, and some is polished from other locations. Mr. Todd and other team members collect some of our minerals.

Zion Prospector Shipping Policy

Zion Prospector will ship anything anywhere in the continental United States that fits in Priority Mail Boxes. If purchased items are larger than that, then we take the item to the UPS store and the UPS Store calls customer and they pay with their credit card.


Employee must fill out purchased items / price and date the form. Customers shipping items much fill out shipping form and shipping label then sign at the bottom of the shipping form.


Employee must ask customer when they want their purchase shipped, because some customers are still traveling for a while.

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